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NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, October 16, 2006 - Peak Performance Consulting, LLC (Peak) is crowned Cohesion Partner by Solutions360 (formerly The OSI Group), makers of the business process integration platform Q360 (formerly ResQ Enterprise).

We are very excited about this distinguished award.  Over the past year, we have made significant changes to our business model to provide more innovative solutions and a level of service to our clients that larger integrators with more expensive but similar products don’t offer at the moment.  “In the BPM world, companies should not be expected to dispense large sums of money to purchase large applications platforms with accompanying large integration costs, to achieve levels of performance that are miniscule compared to the expended cost”, explains Chief Technology Officer Emerson Simon.  Q360 is a very robust BPM solution that affords its users significant performance gains and functionality at significantly lower costs and lower TCO (total cost of ownership).  The beauty of this platform is that this one solution can satisfy the needs of small, medium and large companies.  Larger application providers in this space cannot cater to the small and medium companies as the costs are out of reach for these enterprises, though they share similar performance expectations.  Q360 solves this problem by providing an affordable solution that integrates the critical functionality that businesses need; customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, inventory management, help desk, service dispatch, messaging, project management, asset management, document management, human resources management and knowledge management.  That is why companies like EfMark have enjoyed significant performance improvements through use of ResQ.

Emerson Simon, CTO of Peak says, ‘This platform gives us a very unique advantage in that we now can quickly deploy integrated solutions across and enterprise without having to suggest that our clients buy expensive hardware and software infrastructures.’ 

Peak Performance Consulting, LLC (Peak) is a business process management, technology, and training consulting company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We are a minority-owned, woman-owned organization that provides consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and local government agencies. We have a proven track record of success with implementing customized solutions and ensuring our clients' complete satisfaction.

Solutions360™ is a technology services company based in New Market, Ontario specializing in complete, scalable and affordable Business Process Management (BPM) for the mid-market. Solutions360 is rapidly expanding the Q360 client base across the continental United States.  Peak is an instrumental partner along the Delaware-New Jersey-Philadelphia-New York corridor in providing innovative solutions based on the Q360 platform.

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