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NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, October 16, 2006 - Peak Performance Consulting, LLC (Peak) forms a strategic partnership with Instaknow to integrate and train the Instaknow-ACE platform.  We are excited about being personally hand picked by the folks at InstaKnow to be part of their national team in bringing this amazing technology platform to the BPM/SOA marketplace.  It shows that they are confident in our abilities to develop and deliver innovative business solutions.  With the InstaKnow platform, we have just increased our market competitiveness in the explosive BPM/SOA space by significant leaps and bounds.  Peak has spent many years on projects in both the public and private sectors implementing numerous training and business process solutions.  Many of our business solutions incorporate sophisticated processes and data access mechanisms.  It is absolutely amazing that we can quickly produce very complicated solutions integrating static and dynamic data sources from disparate systems (no matter where they are located) with literally 'no coding'. This type of platform is unmatched in its flexibility and scalability.  Coupled with our other powerful technology platforms and processes, we now have the ability to provide solutions that cannot me matched by our closest competitors.  We look forward to helping our clients achieve levels of performance that they have never seen before, thus 'Enhancing their Total Business Performance' or what we call e2TBP™.

This innovative platform -  Instaknow-ACE ®, is a patented artificial intelligence software, that learns business process interactions from business case examples. Once trained, Instaknow automates real-time interactions with disparate internal and external systems, executes complex business decisions and carries out accurate actions in split seconds. No program code is required and no change is needed to any existing systems, resulting in major reduction of effort, time and cost to deploy new advanced, integrated business capabilities.  This platform has been used with a high degree of success to integrate and operate business processes in military systems, State government systems and private industry.

Peak Performance Consulting, LLC (Peak) is a business process management, technology, and training consulting company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We are a minority-owned, woman-owned organization that provides consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and local government agencies. We have a proven track record of success with implementing customized solutions and ensuring our clients' complete satisfaction.

Instaknow, based in South Plainfield, NJ, has created innovative software to rapidly configure and deploy highly advanced "programming-less" real-time process automation solutions. Instaknow has been awarded contracts with the US Army and several large corporations. Instaknow’s team of integration partners continues to build and deploy advanced integration and automation solutions in government, military, and corporate sectors.  Instaknow’s breakthrough platform has gained attention across all sectors winning contracts with the military, government agencies, and corporate America.

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