Technology Optimization

In this highly competitive global marketplace, it is extremely important that small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) operate as efficiently as their larger competitors.  Today, even SMBs have to consider their vulnerability to global competition.  SMBs need to implement systems and processes to help them remain competitive.  We have coalesced innovative technology to help your business stay on the leading-edge.

At the heart of our integrated solutions is a core set of application and hardware platforms chosen because of their superb functionality, affordability and scalability.  Large conglomerates have the financial capacity to implement high priced solutions, but frequently find that the true cost of ownership is significantly greater than originally planned due to significant budget overruns and short-comings in functionality and performance.  Companies in the SMB marketplace do not have the luxury of implementing a solution that is costly or misses the mark.  These companies need flexible, feature-rich solutions that have scalable performance and are affordable.  We call our hardware and software platforms ‘Performance Tools’ because they enable you to achieve higher levels of performance across your enterprise.

Our technology solutions target enhanced performance by getting the most out of your
existing technology investment or by implementing new technology. Our domain experience and innovative tools allow us to deliver the information you need to manage your enterprise.

Our optimization toolset target the major operational silos within your company.  We call this the e2 Hierarchy® which stands for Enhancing Total Business Performance™.  This hierarchy is comprised of multiple layers of operability within an organization.  By identifying the inefficiencies in these layers, our approach can exact higher overall performance and drive significant ROI.
Content/Document/Workflow Management
iPlanet/Sun One
Oracle/Sybase/MS SQL Server
Visual Basic
Visual Studio
Crystal Enterprise

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